Brooke’s Resources

Throughout my years, I’ve accrued a tremendous list of resources and tools that I want to share with you. From worksheets to videos and presentations to books, all of these resources are pivotal in helping to plan your possible.

Shareworthy Content I Don’t Want You to Miss!

The Four Sacred Secrets

by Preethaji and Krishnaji

The Power of Story

by Jim Loehr

The One

by John Marrs


by Michelle Obama

How Great Leaders Inspire Action
by Simon Sinek – Ted Talk
The Happy Secret to Better Work
by Shawn Anchor – Ted Talk
The Power of Vulnerability
by Brene Brown – Ted Talk

Rise Together Podcast

hosted by Dave & Rachel Hollis

The Goal Digger Podcast

hosted by Jenna Kutcher

The Marie Forleo Podcast

hosted by Marie Forleo

SuperSoul Podcast

hosted by Oprah