So You’ve Been Laid Off.. Now What?

Losing your job sucks and I’m sorry you’re dealing with this right now. . . Whether you saw this coming or were blindsided by the news, I know from personal experience what a blow this can be. 

*It’s heavy.     *It can be all-consuming.   *It can be paralyzing.

As I’ve watched the numbers tick up to more than 50 million (!) people having filed for unemployment, the question I want to use my background and personal experience to help answer, is what is in my control? 

As you embark on your job search, it’s important to recognize that most likely you’re gearing up for a marathon not a sprint.  We know the unemployment figures and we know many businesses are struggling to survive.  But it’s not all dire.  There are companies that are thriving responding to Covid demand and recruiting teams that ground to a screeching halt just a few months back are ramping back up with gusto.  BUT the job market is NOT what we’re here to talk about today.. Today we’re going to discuss why it’s important to create a plan to take better care of yourself than you’ve ever done before so you can dominate your job search.

When the waves of life crash down on you,

Pick yourself up,

Get ready for the next one,

And ride it like you own it!

– Anonymous

To ride this current wave of life like you own it, requires confidence and stamina.

Let’s start with a big ‘ole question:

Who do I need to BE during this time?

Simple question, tough answer.  You know you.  So, really, truly, who do you need to become to get to where you must get to with your job search? It will require hard work, courage, and dedication, but will be worth it in the end.

  • Do you want to be the gal who gave into temptation or the gal who showed up DISCIPLINED?
  • Do you want to be the gal who took the easy option or the gal who made the hard choices and PERSEVERED?

I think you get the idea…

With clarity on who you need to be to get to where you must go, it’s time to put pen to paper and create a very specific plan that will keep you top of your game when the waves pick you up and drop you down. 

Based on research and proven results, I built this Top of My Game Template to help you establish life changing habits around the four dimensions of your health – Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  You can use this template weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Your wellness in these four areas is totally in your control and I guarantee if you stick to this blueprint you will have the confidence and stamina to complete any marathon.