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Vision Board Masterclass – Supply list

Here is a well curated, suggested supply list so you can quickly and easily prepare to create a beautiful vision board that you’re proud to display.   Whether you are more of a paper and scissors kind of gal or digital-savvy, we have you covered! Make sure you’re registered for the upcoming Vision Board Masterclass!

Paper-based Vision Board

This list is intended to help get the creative juices flowing!  At a minimum bring to the Vision Board Masterclass the items listed under the Must Haves list, and then decide from there what more you want to bring.  We’ve added links for your ease, but obtain the items from wherever works best for you.  Looking forward to seeing what items you bring to Masterclass that we should add to this list!{

Must Haves

  • Paper/Cardstock/Cork board – I use 12X12 glitter paper for my background
  • Pictures/Words – Peruse your favorite magazines and print pictures from the internet that inspire you.  Some ideas:
    • Motivational Quotes – Check out Pinterest/Instagram for inspiration you may want to print out
    • Mantras/Affirmations – Etsy is a great place to find cute, printable affirmation cards like these
    • Pictures of role models/people who inspire you
    • Ambitious purchases or investments
    • Inspirational song lyrics
    • I AM statements… I AM confident.. I AM an entrepreneur..  I AM an amazing mom ..
  • Adhesive – glue stick and/or glue runner work great
  • Cutting Tool/s/ – You may want to get fancy with decorative edge scissors
  • Writing Utensils – Colorful markers, glittery pens, colored pencils – your preference

Nice to Haves

  • Listsexperiences you want to have, goals you want to go after, places you want to visit.. the options are limitless
  • Pictures of you doing the thing/visiting the place/achieving the goal Try photoshopping yourself into the picture
  • Maps that you can cut out to feature places you want to visit
  • FrameI use a simple 12X12 shadow box frame
  • Stickers to add some pizazz to your board

Above and Beyond

Digital Vision Board

There are many digital platform options to choose from; our two favorites are Pinterest and Canva – both easy to use and cost effective (basic functionality is free).

Pinterest allows you to download images to your computer.  Simply click on the three dots to the right of the image and select ‘Download image.’

Canva, launched in 2013, is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.  I LOVE this tool! The app includes readymade templates, and the platform is free and offers paid subscriptions such as Canva Pro for additional functionality.  <Canva’s Free functionality will work just fine for your vision board purposes.>

Note:  The following instructions were adopted from Develop Good Habits blog article,  10 Steps to Create a Vision Board on Canva  Excerpt follows, but recommend you read the full article ahead of the Masterclass if you’re planning on creating a digital vision board.

Step 1: Save Images to Your Device or Dropbox Folder

When planning to use Canva for your vision board, we strongly suggest having a dedicated folder on your device for downloaded images. That or create a dropbox folder.  This makes it easily accessible for uploading your images to Canva, should you choose not to use only their stock.

Step 2: Select “Create a Design” and Choose your Sizing Options

For purposes of printing the vision board out, I would suggest you stick with a size your printer can handle. That or save the file to a dropbox folder or portable drive and take it to a business that can print the size you want.

Many users will opt to go with a poster size for their vision board, which is 18×24 inches OR elect a standard letter size of 8.5X11.

There is no wrong way to lay it out here. It’s your vision.

Step 3: Save your Creation

Before you get too far with your project, it’s a very good idea to save your vision board. You can do this by simply clicking the box on “Untitled design -”, which is located at the top right of your toolbar next to the “Share” button.  

Step 4: Upload Images from your Device or Choose from Canva’s Library

Select “Uploads” from the side bar menu and click on the three dots to the right of the purple “Upload media” button. You are given choices of:

  • Upload (CPU)
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox

I chose to upload from my saved desktop folder and selected my images.  They were quickly added to the selection of Canva images on the left side of the screen.

I also elected to search for additional quotes and stock images from the Canva library to add to my vision board once I lay it out. 

Step 5: Layout Your Grid and Use the “Position” Feature to Overlap Photos

If you’re new to Canva like I was, using “Elements > Grids” is the simplest way to get your vision board laid out.  The “Elements” menu is also to the left of the screen. “Frames” is another fun tool, just above “Grids”. 

Play around with a layout until you’re happy with the way it looks.

Step 6: Drag and Drop your Favorite Images and Words onto the Grid

Once you’ve got your board laid out, drag and drop your favorite stock or uploaded images and sayings on the board. You are able to manipulate the grid sizes and shapes, as well as right click to move the images forward or backward… which is basically what Canva refers to as “position”.  

Step 7: Add Text or Special Effects

Once my grids were all set, I had the opportunity to dress up my vision board with some bells and whistles. This means exploring special effects and the “Text” tool.  You can type your own text and change the font size and style, should you choose.  

Once your cursor is over the design, the “effects” tab will show up on the top of the screen. This allows you to incorporate some fun lettering, like 3D and neon.

Step 8: Download to your Device, Order Prints or Share Your Vision Board

So, now that you’ve put in the work… it’s time to own it! You’re given a few options once your vision board is complete. You can:

  • Download to .pdf (recommended) – this is indicated by a downward arrow with a line beneath it at the top of the tool bar. The project will be saved as highest quality.  Once saved, a window will pop up offering print services.
  • Print your vision board using Canva Print – this option is located to the write of the download button, and is the same option you’re given after downloading your project. The cost for a medium size poster, in my case, was $7.50. Shipping is free and they offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. 
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